Global Early Adolescent Study

Project Period

Project Partners

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • Ford Foundation
  • United Nations Population Fun (UNFPA)

The Global Early Adolescent Study (GEAS) is a multi-country study with the goal of understanding the factors in early adolescence that predispose young people to subsequent sexual health risks and conversely that promote healthy sexuality so as to provide the information needed to promote sexual and reproductive wellbeing.

The project is being implemented in two phases. Phase 1, which is ongoing, uses a mixed-method approach to develop and test instruments to assess gender norms and sexuality for use among early adolescents. These instruments will be used to explore the ways in which gender norms are related to different domains of sexuality and health in this age group.  Phase 2, which is expected to take 5 years to complete, will use the validated instruments produced in Phase 1 to pursue the following objectives through a 3-year longitudinal study of 11-13 year olds in each site:

  • Describe gender socialization as an evolving process in different cultural settings from early to later adolescence.
  • Investigate parental/caregiver and peer influences on gender socialization of young adolescents.
  • Understand how the contexts (schools, neighborhoods, media, culturally diverse settings) within which a young adolescent develops moderate parental/caregiver influences on gender socialization.
  • Understand how gender socialization in early adolescence is related to sexuality and subsequent sexual behaviors throughout the adolescent years.

Lead Collaborating Organizations

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Project Period

  • Phase 1 – 2 years
  • Phase 2 – 5 years

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