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Our priority area for this unit is chronic disease management. We aim to understand the magnitude, burden, and impacts of non-communicable diseases and other chronic conditions (mental health problems and injuries), and the interactions and intersections between infectious and NCDs in order to inform integrated and efficient health system responses to major public health problems.

The program will also identify and assess the impact of patient-centered and technology-based approaches to improve the integrated management of chronic diseases.


The Center is at the forefront of research on the emerging epidemics of both communicable and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) across Africa. We generate evidence that leads to stronger and more responsive health systems, able to address the specific needs of vulnerable populations.

Our Africa-led agenda to strengthen and build more resilient systems for improved health is addressing knowledge gaps related to chronic disease management, epidemiology and identifying mitigation strategies for the rising burden of injury.




Research Officer

Sharon Wanjiku Mugo

Sharon is a public health specialist with a background in…

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Caroline Hiuko Karugu

Caroline is a mathematician with a specialization in Statistics and…

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Research Officer

Isaac Kisiangani

Isaac is a research officer in the Health and Systems…

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Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

Silas Onyango

Silas Onyango is a Post-doctoral Research Scientist in the Human…

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Associate Research Scientist

Shukri Mohamed

Shukri Mohamed is an Associate Research Scientist in the Chronic…

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Research Officer

Peter Otieno

Peter Otieno is a Research Officer in the Health and…

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Research Scientist

Gershim Asiki

Gershim Asiki is a Research Scientist at APHRC, leading the…

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Head of Health and Systems for Health

Abdhalah Ziraba

Ziraba is an Epidemiologist and a Medical Doctor. His research…

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