Policy Engagement and Communications

Policy Engagement and Communications

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Policy Engagement and Communications

 The Center builds relationships with key decision-making bodies at the national, regional and global levels to encompass engagements with government and non-government entities, as well as academic, advocacy and research institutions: all in service to our agenda of ensuring contextual, relevant and localized knowledge as a driver of change. Our goal is to become a continental model for robust, policy-oriented, rigorous research that emphasizes synergy and collaboration.


Communications Assistant

Charity Waweru-Mwangi

Charity Waweru-Mwangi is a Communications Assistant in the Synergy Unit…

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Advocacy Manager

Jane Valentine Mangwana

Jane is a global policy advocacy and communications expert with…

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Advocacy and Knowledge Management Specialist

Alex Manyasi

Alex handles advocacy and knowledge management, supporting governments to think…

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Program Administrative Officer

Jenericah Gichuki

Jenericah is a Program Administrative Officer in the Policy Engagement…

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Communications Officer

Michelle Mbuthia

Michelle is a Communications Officer in the Policy Engagement and…

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Advocacy Project Manager

Lynette Kamau

Lynette leads the Eastern Africa Health Policy and Research Organization,…

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Communications and Knowledge Translation Officer

Moreen Nkonge

Moreen works in the Advocacy Unit under the National Sanitation…

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