Annual Report 2018: Breaking New Ground – Find out how APHRC is transforming lives in Africa

September 26, 2019

Word From the Executive Director

This was an exceptional year of evolution, growth and maturation for APHRC, illustrated both by the breadth of projects we implemented across our three programmatic divisions and the depth of the systems and operations we have put in place to support them. We are still prodigious in our publications – more than 70 in 2018, including two special issues of the BMC Public Health journal – on research drawn from a national survey on non-communicable disease (NCD) risk factors in Kenya and an analysis of NCD prevention policies from six African countries.

But beyond publications, we are moving into new terrain, bringing our research findings into public and policy-oriented conversations, all the way from the study communities in which we collect our data to debates within the African Union Commission. In 2018, we embarked on structured public engagement as a way to bring the findings from our work back to the communities providing data and to co-create with them solutions to some of the problems identified by our research. To read more download a copy here