Annual Strategic Performance Report 2020

Data Science Program

  • May 2021
  • Short Report

This Strategic Performance Review Report 2020 is the third annual review of the Strategic Framework 2017- 2021. It emphasizes the key achievements in each of the four Strategic Objectives and goes further to highlight how each of the units/divisions continue to contribute towards the attainment of these objectives. During this reporting year, there were 123 projects, 57 of which commenced in 2020. These projects were implemented across 41 African countries. 71 projects in the Research division tackled Signature Issues, 47 Synergy Issues
and 8 tackled other issues. There were 148 research outputs developed, an increase of 122 in 2019 and 89 in 2018.



Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Cynthia Runyenje

Cynthia coordinates and conducts corporate monitoring and evaluation for the…

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Business Development Manager

Sheena Kayira

Sheena supports the grants acquisition processes, grants management, partnership development…

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