Urban Education Project

Project Period

October 2015 - September 2017

The Urban Education project seeks to improve the quality of education for children living in urban informal settlements in East Africa. through the creation of a strong voice among urban education actors. This is because: a strong voice advocating on behalf of disadvantaged communities will ensure that their children have a right to access to quality education, and are protected from exploitation by profit driven investors; the deliberations among these actors and subsequent outcomes will ensure the right to education for children in low-cost private schools (LCPS); through the engagement with their respective Ministries of Education, these actors will provide potential mechanisms through which each of the countries can begin to invest in the ever growing numbers of children who reside in the urban slums.

In so doing, the East African countries will lay the foundation for harnessing the future potential skilled labor force from a vast majority of children who will be the bulk of those employed in a few years to come. In the long term, these countries will gain from the high proportions of the youthful population who will have skills to be useful to their respective communities and countries.