Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care!

June 5, 2015

Each of us has a dream
Realizing it is a prize worth the struggle
We must make the planet
The best place to realize these dreams!

Seven billion of us- each dreaming…
I wish to be a farmer, but alas!
The land is poisoned, unproductive
Plastics everywhere, poisons from industries, mining
Where can I grow my crop?
To feed a part of these seven billion?

The water is undrinkable, murky
We have poisoned it, with all sorts of waste
Garbage, sewage industrial waste; endless list
My fishing dream is gone with the last clean drop
Tell me where can I go to chase my dream?

I dream to be an urbanite, sophisticated,
Living the fast life in my dream city
Imagining solutions for other urbanites
But the air is unbreathable, rancid
Too many vehicles, industries, belching poisonous fumes
My dream is dying, as I gasp for a bit of clean air

Time to consume with thought is at hand,
Each must think,
About the consequences of our actions
On others’ and our dreams
And take little steps to safeguard our planet.