Importance of the Media in Scaling-Up HIV Testing in Kenya

October 16, 2013

New Journal Article (August 12, 2013)

Authors: Elijah O. Onsomu, DaKysha Moore, Benta A. Abuya, Peggy Valentine, Vanessa Duren-Winfield


By the year 2012, 23.5 million people in sub-Saharan Africa were infected with HIV/AIDS. Despite intensified education programs to combat the disease, most Kenyans are still at high risk of acquiring HIV.

Today the mass media has become a key communication channel in trying to influence positive behaviorchange and hence reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS. Understanding the role of media in programs geared toward “scaling-up” HIV/AIDS testing is very crucial, because differ­ent populations in Kenya obtain media information from dif­ferent channels of communication. Common messages (some of which have stirred controversy) have included promotion of safe sex through use of condoms, practicing abstinence and fidelity to one’s sexual partner. So, how effective has this media campaign been? Read more