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Association between sexual violence and unintended pregnancy among adolescent girls and young women in South Africa

Population Dynamics and Sexual Reproductive Health and Right

Unintended pregnancy has dire consequences on the health and socioeconomic wellbeing of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) (aged 15–24 years). While most studies tend to focus on lack of access to contraceptive information and services, and poverty as the main contributing factor to early unintended pregnancies, the influence of sexual violence has received limited attention. Understanding the link between sexual violence and unintended pregnancy is critical towards developing a multifaceted intervention to reduce unintended pregnancies among AGYW in South Africa, a country with high teenage pregnancy rate. Thus, we estimated the magnitude of unintended pregnancy among AGYW and also examined the effect of sexual violence on unintended pregnancy.




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Anthony Idowu Ajayi

Anthony Ajayi is a postdoctoral fellow in Population Dynamics and…

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