Project Period

October 2019 - September 2022


The Measurement and Impact Evaluation ( M&IE)  Project’s primary goal is to strengthen APHRC’s mission of transforming lives in Africa through research by (i) Strengthening the Center’s analytical capacity and evidence used for evidence-informed decision-making (ii) Strengthen the Center’s capacity to conduct robust impact evaluations of complex programs based on modern practices across several thematic areas, and (iii) Strengthen pathways to policy impact through focused and sustained engagement with policy actors aligned to APHRC’s signature issues.

The M&IE project will strengthen APHRC position in policy-relevant evaluations that are driven by measurement methodologies spanning impact evaluations, performance and monitoring systems, economic evaluations (cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis), and development of theories of change through building of strategic relationships with key policy actors at national and sub-national levels.

The M&IE project will also strengthen APHRC’s expertise and intellectual leadership in measurement and impact evaluations to be a continental leader for evidence-informed policy-making processes, which underscores our principle of being impact-driven and a strong regional player in measurement and impact evaluation classical and emerging M&IE methodologies, scenario building and theory of change conceptualization.

The M&EI project’s objectives are the following:

  1. Expand APHRC’s internal M&IE human resource capacity.
  2. Capacity strengthening in Measurement, and Impact Evaluations.
  3. Scenario building for public policy decision making and adaptive learning.
  4. Enhanced collaboration with M&IE professionals from the North.
  5. Enhanced mentorship and training to regional scholars in M&IE.
  6. Outreach, Policy Engagement and Publicity of M&IE

Over the lifetime of M&IE project, APHRC staff will benefit in-house training on Measurement, and Impact Evaluation; generate analytical datasets from APHRC studies; provide continued mentorship and training to regional scholars; develop Journal articles based on M&IE methodology, and Enhanced and continued collaboration with research institutions and universities from the global North.


  • Start date: October 2019
  • End date:  September 2022


  • Hewlett Foundation
  • Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIF)