Steve Bicko Cygu

Steve Bicko Cygu

Data Scientist

ABOUT Steve Bicko Cygu

Steve is a Data Scientist and Machine learning Engineer with strong mathematical, statistical, and computational skills. He has over five years of experience in research and has previously worked at the intersection of computational approaches and public health. He is greatly involved in the R open-source community and passionate about developing R packages. He has vast experience in data processing, analysis, mining, predictive modeling, machine learning, algorithm implementation, and platform development.

Prior to joining APHRC, he worked with Dalberg Research and Infotrak Consulting, both as a data processing manager and at the South African Center for Mathematical Modelling as a researcher. Steve holds a PhD in Computational Science and Engineering from McMaster University (Canada), a double MSc in Mathematical Sciences from Stellenbosch University and University of Cape Town (South Africa), and a BSc in Applied Statistics with Computing from Maasai Mara University (Kenya).

Steve is driven by the need to make AI/ML tools accessible to all through user-friendly platforms. Steve is also passionate about building capacity around technical skills for fresh graduates, aiming to empower them for the challenges and opportunities of the modern workforce.