Agnes Kiragga

Agnes Kiragga

Research Scientist and Head Data Science Program

ABOUT Agnes Kiragga

Agnes Kiragga leads the Data Science Program, which involves strengthening data systems and ensuring the use of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to generate evidence for decision-making in Africa. She holds a PhD in Statistics from Makerere University, Uganda/Indiana University, USA, and completed a Post-Doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, USA. With over 20 years of experience in using and reusing large, diverse, non-conventional, and conventional data, including longitudinal population cohorts in Africa, she leads the INSPIRE network, a consortium of Longitudinal Population Cohorts in eight African countries.

Her vision is to empower African data professionals to acquire robust skill sets to support continental-led data projects and promote responsible and ethical data sharing. She continuously advocates for the enhanced inclusion of women in data science and scientific careers.

She currently leads the Multi-country Data Science Without Borders project, which promotes data science use and leadership across African countries.