Magdaline Kusuna

Program Administrative Assistant

ABOUT Magdaline Kusuna

Magdaline is a Program Administrative Assistant in the Health and Well Being Theme. The research theme engages in research that contributes evidence towards understanding and responding to health challenges through strengthening and building more resilient systems for health.

Magdaline holds a bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Logistics and a diploma in Purchasing and Supplies. She believes in working hard and smart.

Before joining APHRC, she worked at the Human Resource Management Professional Examinations Board (HRMPEB) as an Administrative Assistant and at Horrizon Business Solutions Limited (HBS) as a Procurement and Administration Consultant. At HBS, she was involved in proposal Development of a Position Paper and Competition Policy for GIZ Rwanda, which elaborated potential policy objectives for Rwanda and turned out to be one of the successful project studies developed by HBS.

Magdaline is driven by growth, achievement and success.