Dieneba Aidara

Research Officer

ABOUT Dieneba Aidara

Dieneba is a Research Officer working with the Hewlett Care System and the Gates Data System Projects. She is based in Dakar, Senegal.

Dieneba holds a Master’s in Population Development and Reproductive Health from the Institute Population, Development, and Reproductive Health (IPDSR ), a Master’s in Territorial Planning, Decentralization, and Local Development from the Geography Department at UCAD/ Dakar, and an Engineering degree in Urban Development Management from the National School of Applied Economies of Dakar.

Before joining APHRC, she worked at the Directorate of Development and Human Capital at the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Cooperation in Dakar. She also worked at the Institute in Population Development and Reproductive Health as a Research Assistant on the adolescent nutrition program in the colleges of Manguiers and Alioune Diop in Dakar from 2018 to 2019.

She is passionate about generating high-quality research evidence that will have policy implications on the welfare of specific vulnerable people, children, women, and elders.

Dieneba enjoys reading and cooking.


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