Linda Oloo

Linda Oloo

Research Officer

ABOUT Linda Oloo

Linda is a research officer in the Maternal Child and Wellbeing (MCW) Unit where she coordinates projects in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sub-theme. Linda is currently involved in a study examining the demand and supply sides of the emerging childcare market (NECS Study), and in another that aims to improve the quality of childcare in informal settlements through supportive assessment and training using a community of Practice model (CoP Study).

Before joining MCW, Linda worked with the Nairobi Urban Health and Demographic Surveillance System (NUHDSS) as a field supervisor where she coordinated the field activities of the program.

Linda holds a Master of Arts degree in Gender and Development from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, a Master of Science degree in Gerontology from the University of Southampton, UK and a bachelor’s degree in sociology. She has competent skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Linda is driven by her passion for getting tasks accomplished timely and effectively.