Fridah Gatwiri Kiambati

Fridah Gatwiri Kiambati

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

ABOUT Fridah Gatwiri Kiambati

Fridah is an inclusive educator, researcher and information scientist. She is currently working on Developing Readers Study under the Human Development Theme. She has interests and expertise in inclusive education, information science, and assistive technologies for persons with disabilities. She is keen on inclusive learning approaches, universal design for learning, usability of digital systems and use of assistive technologies for persons with special needs.

Fridah holds a Ph.D. in Information science, a master’s in Library and Information Science and a Bachelor’s in Education from Kenyatta University. Before joining APHRC Fridah worked at Education Sub-Saharan Africa as a research Manager- East Africa. Previously, she worked at Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE) for eight years as a lecturer, head of department and researcher in special needs and inclusive education.

She is driven by the need to provide evidence-informed solutions and the desire to achieve improved learning outcomes in basic and tertiary education for all learners, including those with special needs and disabilities.

Her guiding principle is to learn from every situation.