Charity Waweru-Mwangi

Charity Waweru-Mwangi

Communications Officer

ABOUT Charity Waweru-Mwangi

Charity Waweru-Mwangi is a Communications Officer in the Synergy Unit within the Policy Engagement and Communications division. She is working on increasing public knowledge of and interaction with APHRC research. Her experience in the Kenyan media industry provides an opportunity to use media platforms to increase visibility on APHRC projects.

Charity holds a double major Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Community Development from Daystar University. She has served in three of the major media outlets in Kenya and has contributed to several publications.  Prior to joining APHRC, she worked at Nation Media Group’s NTV as a senior human-interest and features reporter. She brings to APHRC a passion for audiovisual storytelling to foreground research findings.

Charity’s career purpose is to make a difference and bridge the gap between the privileged and the under-privileged.

Charity is an award-winning journalist. She holds two awards from the Media Council of Kenya in 2013 and 2021 in the Good governance category. These awards celebrate her sustained efforts in using journalism and storytelling to influence policies.