Dorcas Odhiambo Onyango

Dorcas Odhiambo Onyango

Senior Communications Officer

ABOUT Dorcas Odhiambo Onyango

Dorcas works in the Policy Engagement and Communication Program under the Visibility Unit. She oversees a number of functions, including internal communications, content curation, digital communications, media liaison, and branding. Dorcas provides communication support to different teams and projects across the Center.

Dorcas has worked for international non-governmental organizations, the government, mainstream media, and a foundation. Her immediate former role was at the Pharo Foundation, where she provided strategic communications support to projects across four African countries- Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Somaliland.

She is currently completing her Master’s in Communications Studies at the University of Nairobi and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a minor in Psychology from Daystar University.

Dorcas’ motivation in life is to contribute to making the world a better place in the spaces she is in and in the lives of the people that she interacts with through mentorship, volunteering for noble courses, and authentic conversations.