Maureen Sein Meliyo

Maureen Sein Meliyo

Program Administrative Assistant

ABOUT Maureen Sein Meliyo

Maureen is a Program Administrative Assistant supporting research in the Health and well-being theme within the Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn Child, and Adolescent Health (SRMNCAH) Unit. She is responsible for assisting with administrative tasks, financial duties, e-sign approvals, and procurement for all the projects in the SRMNCAH unit.


Maureen has a background in administration and accounting, holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Leadership, and is a Certified Public Accountant Finalist. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration. Maureen has experience as an accounts trainee at the Civil Registration Services in Nairobi, Kenya, and as an administrative assistant intern at the African Population and Health Research Center.

She believes that every day presents the possibility of being a learning opportunity, leading to daily growth potential.