Deadline: March 12, 2024
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About APHRC:

The African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) is an African-based, African-led, international nongovernmental organization that conducts high-level scientific research in areas such as education, population, health, aging, urbanization, and the well-being of African populations. APHRC aims to bring about change in sub-Saharan Africa using reliable data analyzed by experienced African researchers. Our programs are oriented toward continental development priorities and are guided by the belief that evidence must be at the forefront of decisions about the health and well-being of populations and the development of the continent.

Background and Rationale

Africa’s data ecosystem is undergoing rapid transformation driven by increasingly complex digital infrastructure, rapidly technological advancement and the growing need for data to inform decision-making. This dynamic environment offers an opportunity to facilitate collaboration and streamline data sharing for enhanced evidence-informed decision making (EIDM). However, it also presents challenges regarding the effective management, storage and secure sharing of data while safeguarding   data subjects against data privacy breaches. In line with national and regional legal and regulatory data policies and frameworks, APHRC has acknowledged the need for developing a data governance framework to outline the ethical and responsible management and sharing of data throughout the data value chain. This framework aims to delineate access controls, permissions, and data sharing policies, striking a balance between data accessibility for authorized users and safeguarding against data privacy breaches. The framework will also outline general best data management practices from research engagements with stakeholders across Africa in the context of the fast-evolving digital landscape and data privacy laws. The framework will prioritize the enhancement of data quality, integrity, privacy, harmonization and standardization to advance the FAIRER (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable, Ethical and Responsible use of data) principles of scientific data.

Scope of work

APHRC seeks to recruit a data governance framework consultant to come up with a data governance framework that seeks to outline the processes of handling and sharing data based on related research and experiences from stakeholders regarding responsible data management sharing and use. The framework should be able to address the issues of data quality, data stewardship, data security, privacy, protection and compliance as well as data management.

The consultant will:

  • Review existing data related policies and frameworks both at the institutional, national and regional levels
  • Work with the Data Science, Synergy and Evaluation teams to engage different stakeholders on their experiences around data management in the context digital technology and data privacy and protection laws in the African region.
  • Develop a comprehensive data governance framework based on the findings from stakeholder engagements outlining processes of handling and sharing data. The framework will:

-Clearly define roles and responsibilities for data governance tasks such as Data Owners, Data Stewards, Data Custodians, and Data Consumers.

-Provide guidelines for data management throughout the data life cycle, data quality, data privacy, data protection, retention, data sharing and data security and encryption. This should include different data types, both quantitative and qualitative

-Develop processes and tools for monitoring, measuring, and improving data quality. This includes setting data quality metrics, validating data sources, and processes for implementing data cleaning and anonymization techniques.

-Standard operating procedures (SOP) for different stages of the data life cycle: Data collection, data transmission, data processing, data sharing, data storage and archiving

  • Develop a dissemination plan for the framework.

Qualifications and Experience

The applicant should:

  1. Have at least a Master’s degree in health data management, public health, data science, data documentation, statistics, public policy or any other data or policy related fields. A PhD in any of the above or related fields will be an added advantage.
  2. Have at least 10 years of experience in data governance, data curation processes, data documentation and related assignments or in the design and development of data governance frameworks or a good portfolio of similar tasks.
  3. Have considerable experience in research data management infrastructure, data documentation and curation, processing, analysis and sharing in a busy health and population research environment within the African region.
  4. Have good understanding of data science technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, data systems, dashboards, open science and related trends
  5. Be able to analyze and critique requirements and make recommendations on potential data governance models
  6. Be able to complete work independently, incorporate client feedback, and deliver on time.
  7. Demonstrate ability to develop a dynamic data governance framework by sharing previous work done.


  • A review of existing data related policies and frameworks both at the institutional, national and regional levels.
  • Stakeholder engagement on their experiences around data management in the context of the dynamic digital technology and data privacy in African region.
  • Two comprehensive data governance frameworks and associated SOPs based on the findings from stakeholder engagements outlining processes of handling and sharing data.

-One with procedures and standards for data handling and sharing throughout the data life cycle at APHRC.

-The other one should be a general framework with recommendations for good data management and sharing practices to contribute to responsible data governance in the African data ecosystem

  • A dissemination plan for the frameworks.


35 days from April 2024 to July 2024. A phased approach will be employed based on the finally agreed-upon schedule of deliverables.

Application Process

We invite applications from interested individuals to submit their application demonstrating their capabilities for the assignment. The application should include a cover letter, detailed CV demonstrating experience carrying out similar tasks, contacts of three referees, a work plan of how the task will be carried out detailing activities to be carried out at each stage and an estimated number of days for each activity.

Applications should be submitted to and copy on or before 12th March 2024. Please use “Data Governance Framework” as the subject title of your email. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Cover letters should be addressed to:

The Human Resources Officer

African Population and Health Research Center, Inc.

APHRC Campus, Manga Close, off Kirawa Road, Kitisuru

P.O. Box 10787-GPO, Nairobi

Special Notice

APHRC is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. All employment decisions are made on the basis of qualifications and organizational needs. Reasonable accommodation may be provided to applicants with disabilities upon request, to support their participation in the recruitment process.