Aging and Development


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Aging and Development

Signature Issue

Our priority area for the Aging and Development unit is long-term care. We aim to illuminate current realities and experiences of informal and formal long-term care (LTC).

This includes provision and receipt; understand the broader development implications of LTC, and to identify and assess emerging models and approaches to forging long-term care systems for Africa within the broader framework of the care economy.

Focus Areas

  • Age-based Inequities and Wellbeing
  • Economic Roles of Older Adults
  • Intergenerational Impacts
  • The Life-course Perspective


APHRC is the sole African research institution engaged in evidence generation about responding to the growing needs of more than 60 million people in Africa, over the age of 60. The programmatic areas are united under an overarching goal to respond to the needs, economic rationales, conceptual frames and options for action on the rights and well-being of older populations.

The Center’s evidence-informed argument on the need for differentiated models of long-term care for Africa’s elderly population was adopted as the African Union’s common position on aging. Our strength is in our ability to influence agendas at the national, regional and global levels as we work to change perceptions of older people in Africa, as well as advocate for their considerations as countries develop their own national strategies to harness the potential of the Demographic Dividend.