Socio-demographic factors associated with normal linear growth among pre-school children living in better-off households: A multi-country analysis of nationally representative data

  • November 2021
  • Journal Articles

Child health is a fundamental public health issue because good child health sets one up for lifelong health and functioning, and wellbeing. In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), child physical health is of particular concern due to the high rates of illness and mortality in the region. Normal (healthy) child growth, defined in this paper as children who are not stunted (not too short for their age), is a foundation for optimal child health and wellbeing. There is evidence that healthy child growth is positively associated with cognitive development, higher school achievements, lower morbidity and mortality, higher economic productivity in adulthood, and better maternal reproductive outcomes. Thus, suggesting the need for substantial investment in nutrition interventions to promote child growth to ensure life-long benefits.



Associate Research Scientist

Dickson Amugsi

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Theme Leader, Health and Wellbeing (HaW)

Elizabeth Kimani-Murage

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