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Kenya – National Adolescent Mental Health Survey

Population Dynamics and Sexual Reproductive Health and Right

Little is known about the prevalence of mental disorders among Kenyan adolescents. This is a critical gap in knowledge as studies have shown that mental disorders during adolescence, particularly those that remain untreated or under-treated, can have adverse outcomes throughout the life course. The lack of adequate evidence inhibits policymakers, practitioners, and researchers from appropriately targeting public health efforts, developing effective service planning, and increasing local and global attention and funding for adolescent mental health.



Head of Population Dynamics and Reproductive Health and Rights

Caroline Kabiru

Dr. Caroline Kabiru leads the Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child…

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Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Frederick Murunga Wekesah

Frederick Murunga Wekesah is an epidemiologist and a researcher. He…

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Associate Research Scientist

Yohannes Wado

Yohannes is working under the Population Dynamics and Reproductive Health…

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Research Officer

Vivian Nyakangi

Vivian is a Research Officer in the Population Dynamics and…

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Program Assistant

Ivy Nandongwa

Ivy works as a Program Assistant supporting 2 programs: Population…

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Research Officer

Sally Atieno Odunga

Sally is a research officer in the Population Dynamics and…

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