Improving nutritional status among urban poor children in sub-Saharan Africa: An evidence-informed Delphi-based consultation

  • November 2021
  • Journal Articles

In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), rapid urbanisation coupled with the high prevalence of infant and young child (IYC) undernutrition in low-income settings means that interventions to support IYC nutrition are a priority. Little is known about how urbanisation influences IYC feeding (IYCF) practices, and evidence-based interventions to improve IYC health/nutrition in the urban poor are lacking. Therefore, this research aimed to (a) systematically review evidence on interventions for improving the nutritional status of IYC aged 6–23 months living in urban poor areas and (b) engage stakeholders to identify the highest ranking evidence gaps for improving IYCF programmes/policies.



Theme Leader, Health and Wellbeing (HaW)

Elizabeth Kimani-Murage

Elizabeth, a Public Health Nutrition Specialist and a Research Scientist…

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