Promoting Sustainability of Healthcare Investments (ProSHI)

Project Period

October 2017 - September 2020

Project Partners

  • Comic Relief, UK

Many different healthcare models have been tested in the urban informal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya. Yet, little has been done to assess which have stood the test of time. More and more, donors expect a plan for how their investments will leave a mark after the grant funding ends.

The Promoting Sustainability of Healthcare Investments (ProSHI) project explores ways in which sustainability of healthcare investments can be enhanced in a bid to improve healthcare services and outcomes for mothers, infants, and children under five in urban informal settlements. The project builds on previous work under the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health project (2012-2016),

The project aims to promote financial sustainability through 1) encouraging more community members to enroll in medical insurance schemes, and 2) empowering the healthcare staff in charge in selected private facilities by building their managerial and leadership capacity. Staff will learn how to approach operations of the facility through a business lens i.e. to develop and maintain strategic investment plans and annual work plans, and improve hiring and retention of healthcare workers.

The project is expected to have tangible health outcomes as well; it is expected that women and children will have greater access to enhanced health services at participating facilities. We anticipate that there will be improved health service utilization for essential MNCH services (antenatal, delivery, postnatal care and vaccinations) due to improved quality at facilities (enhanced knowledge and skills); community enrollment into health insurance schemes (with demand created by community health volunteers); and improved indicators (reduced maternal and child deaths, lower incidence of childhood illnesses and improved maternal health).


  • Start: October 2017
  • End: September 2020


  • Comic Relief, UK


  • Catherine Kyobutungi
  • Pauline Bakibinga
  • Eva Kamande
  • Milka Omuya
  • Lyagamula Kisia