Demand-Driven Internships, Visiting-Scholar and Fellowship Programs

Project Period

January 2024 - January 2024

As part of its contribution to strengthening individual and institutional research capacity to enable African researchers fully participate in defining and implementing priority population and health programs in the continent, APHRC has developed research internships, post-doctoral and sabbatical fellowships, and scholar exchanges. 


Research internships are targeted at undergraduate students who have graduated within the last 6 months in African institutions and students undertaking Master’s and PhD training programs at African and Non-African institutions. APHRC internships are demand driven and applicants are required to respond to specific internship opportunities at the Center. In some cases, the Center may work with other partner institutions to have interns attached to their research units/programs. 

Visiting scholars are either postdoctoral or sabbatical fellows who are expected to conduct research on a topic the visitor is valued for and/or provide training in specific areas. In addition, they could spend time developing collaborative research and proposals. In many cases, the position is not salaried because the scholar typically is salaried by their home institution, however, some visiting positions may receive a stipend.

  • To identify and cultivate talented young Africans to become future scholars and research leaders.
  • To advance young scholars’ aptitude in applying and developing sophisticated analytical and methodological skills.
  • To prepare interns for successful completion of their postgraduate programs and for future positions in an array of careers including academia and research institutions.
  • To provide strong mentoring and learning environments for young scholars from all over the world interested in a research experience in Africa.


The internship and fellowship program is supported collaboratively by projects within APHRC. The program also benefits from Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) that promote cooperation in public health education and scientific research between APHRC and institutions that include the University of Michigan and the Gather Institute. These partnerships provide opportunities for student mobility and international visiting research scholars, among other provisions.

Project team

  • Evelyn Gitau
  • Hesborn Wao
  • Marta Vicente-Crespo
  • Lisa Omondi

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