Paul Otwate

Paul Otwate

Research Officer

ABOUT Paul Otwate

Paul leads on planning, implementation and evaluation of all Knowledge, Innovation and Exchange (KIX) project activities, while also provides backstopping to other ECD projects within Human Development Theme

Paul Otwate holds a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Kenyatta University. He has previously served on early and middle years education projects with several International Non-Governmental Organizations and private sectors, and as an ECD Government Liaison Coordinator with Aga Khan University being a recent former immediate role.

In his previous roles, he successfully improved literacy and numeracy outcomes for over 1000 children, coordinated evidence generation from Frontier County Development Council (10 counties) on ECD outcomes, and established a strong collaborative implementing partnership model between Aga Khan University, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals partnership platform, and Frontier County Development Council. In addition, Paul has published peer-reviewed journals to advocate for policies on strengthened quality instruction during pre-primary and early primary education.

Paul is motivated by active involvement into innovative initiatives which present opportunities to promote foundational learning in young children, especially those from marginalized and vulnerable backgrounds.

Paul is ambitious to broker sustainable positive partnership and advocates for policies which seek to address holistic well being of children and families from vulnerable backgrounds.

During his extra time and space, Paul also enjoys watching soccer, socializing with friends and catching up with current events through social media and internet search.