Dorcas Okose Keya

Dorcas Okose Keya

Laboratory Superintendent

ABOUT Dorcas Okose Keya

Dorcas is a laboratory superintendent in the Chronic Disease Management Unit. She oversees daily laboratory operations, including sample processing, analysis, and storage, assists in field work for ongoing projects, and manages the center’s laboratory overall.

She holds a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences from Kenya Medical Training College and another diploma in Microbiology from Alison and has over six years’ experience as a registered medical laboratory technologist. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Mount Kenya University. Dorcas has also worked on diverse projects, including Long COVID-19, EPInA, and AWIGEN. 

She is driven by the pursuit of scientific discovery and seeks opportunities to contribute to advancements in healthcare research. She is also motivated by a constant quest to collaboratively find solutions for existing and emerging health challenges. Knowing that her work can contribute to breakthroughs, improved diagnostics, and ultimately better patient outcomes fuels her enthusiasm and commitment to the health research field.

She is passionate about supporting health research projects aimed at improving population health and is committed to precision and accuracy in her research work. Outside of work, she loves swimming and hiking.