Diana Awuor

Diana Awuor

Training Program Assistant

ABOUT Diana Awuor

Diana is an exceptional coordinator and has been instrumental in supporting training programs for the past eight years. She has great planning, financial and organizational skills.

She served as Training Coordinator at Learnovate Technologies Limited (an IT Training organization) for the past three years. Here, she was the focal point in coordinating various trainings including SHOFCO IT skills development Training for two hundred youths from humble backgrounds, UKTech Hub Digitization training for SMEs and ICTA Cyber Security & Resilia Training for forty seven ICT County directors.

She holds a diploma in Project Management from Kenya Institute of Management and Bachelors in International Business Management from KCA University.

Diana is motivated by the chance to learn new things and loves contributing to generation of ideas and seeing those ideas come to life. She enjoys experimenting with new recipes, traveling, and networking.

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