Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Strategic plan

The 2017-2021 Strategic Plan is a dynamic blueprint that sets the course for APHRC for the next five years and beyond. It is a roadmap for broader and deeper engagement in our signature areas of interest as we continue in our second decade as a premier research institution and think tank in Africa. Our goals, supporting our vision and mission and illustrating the organizational values that sustain and drive us, are

  • Become a continental model for robust, policy-oriented, rigorous multidisciplinary research that emphasizes synergy and collaboration.
  • Significantly strengthen and grow the base of research leaders that assure development of the next generation of researchers and academics on the continent.
  • Become a leading independent research institution, with signature areas of interest, providing open access to quantitative and qualitative data for setting targets and tracking progress toward national and global development goals.
  • Be a leader in clarifying the complex challenges Africa faces in its development and developing effective solutions for these.
  • Gain prominence as a thought-leader and influencer in providing solutions to the challenges impeding development in the region.