Deadline: May 3, 2024
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The African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) is a premier research-to-policy institution, generating evidence, strengthening research and related capacity in the African research and development ecosystem, and engaging policy to inform action on health and development. The Center is Africa-based and African-led, with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, and a West Africa Regional Office (WARO) in Dakar, Senegal. APHRC seeks to drive change by developing strong African research leadership and promoting evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) across sub-Saharan Africa.

 Strengthening Policy and Mainstreaming Gender in Sanitation                                   

Kenya, Malawi, and Mozambique have committed to increasing investment in sanitation to a minimum of 0.5% of the country’s GDP to facilitate Universal coverage. To ensure this becomes a reality, there are several issues that need to be addressed, including a conducive enabling environment supported by a policy framework that is gender mainstreamed, which makes it possible for the countries to invest and accelerate access to safely managed sanitation and water. However, the rate of growth is too slow to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) expectations, and the investment in the sector must be accelerated if this is to become a reality.

The Assignment

To support Government initiatives, APHRC is implementing a three-year Strengthening Policy and Mainstreaming Gender in Sanitation project in Africa. The project intends to support countries in developing or reviewing their policies to be compliant with the SDGs and the Africa Sanitation Policy Guidelines (ASPG), which have been developed to harmonize the policymaking process and best practices regarding the content of a good policy. APHRC seeks to engage the services of a Consultant/s or firm to undertake an analysis of Policy, Legal, and Institutional Frameworks and support the implementation of the findings by developing policies, laws, and frameworks that will enable the responsible institutions to discharge their mandates effectively.

Specific Objectives of the Assignment

Water and Sanitation

  • The Consultant/s will review the existing legal, policy and institutional frameworks and related documents relevant to the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector in Kenya, but narrow down to the WASH sector at the City of Nairobi, and determine whether it adequately provides a basis for the overall objectives. The output of this assignment should answer if the existing frameworks are relevant to the SDGs and ASPG, as well as the current and future realities of how they can be improved, in order to lay a solid regulatory, policy, and institutional basis for effective service delivery.

Disaster Management

  • The Consultant/s will review the legal, Policy, and Institutional framework relevant to the Disaster Management Sector in Kenya and the region. The goal is to understand the sector’s capacity and capability to respond to or mitigate disasters before they occur or if they occur and what needs to be done to enhance the sector’s ability and capacity in Kenya.

Community Engagement

  • The Consultant/s will review legal, policy, and institutional frameworks relevant to community engagement and participation, with the view to understanding the existing frameworks that support community engagement, both in Kenya and other jurisdictions, for effective community engagement by stakeholders.


APHRC expects an in-depth, evidence-based, critical analysis. The analysis must deliver informed insights and reflections with practical recommendations, including discussion papers to guide the development of the said laws, policies, and frameworks.


  • A work plan and accompanying budget.
  • A comprehensive legal and institutional analysis report.
  • Policy briefs and fact sheets.
  • Discussion paper/s.
  • Policy, legal, and framework development roadmap.
  • Policy and legal documents;
    • Water and Sanitation Policy for Nairobi City County Government.
    • Water and Sanitation Bill for Nairobi City County Government.
    • Disaster Management Policy for Nairobi City County Government
    • Disaster Management Bill for Nairobi City County Government.
    • Disaster Management Center of Excellence business plan and curriculum.
  • Community Engagement Framework for Nairobi Rivers Commission for Kenya.
  • Intergovernmental coordination framework implementation plan for the water sector in Kenya.
  • Development of Menstrual Waste Disposal Guidelines for Kenya.

 The Consultant/s will also support the implementation of the findings by developing policies, laws, and frameworks that will enable the responsible institutions to discharge their mandates effectively.

Confidentiality of information:

All documents and data collected will be treated as confidential and used solely to facilitate analysis. Interviewees will not be quoted in the reports without their permission.

Content: All the required documents and reports shall be submitted to APHRC within agreed timelines and shall remain the exclusive property of the organization.

Consultancy Period. 

This consultancy will last approximately 12 months, starting in May 2024 and ending in April 2025.


The Final Reports are subject to review and approval by the Project Manager.


  • At least 10 years of demonstrated experience in the sector and similar assignments in each area of work, either jointly or individually.
  • Demonstrated evidence of documents developed, in line with the areas of work, will be a huge advantage
  • The ability to apply as a consortium, to work together, and to deliver on the different assignments jointly is an added advantage.
  • Should have the requisite expertise in the consortium in all the areas of work

Consultants who meet the requirements of this assignment should submit an Expression of Interest, which should include the following:

  • Suitability statement that expresses commitment to availability for the entire assignment period.
  • Cover letter of up to one page- attached separately.
  • CVs of consultant/s (researcher/s) of not more than two pages- attached separately.
  • Contact details of at least three referees.
  • Preliminary proposed Policy, Legal, Engagement framework, and Institutional Analysis process, including basic context analysis, methodology, report structure, and timeline informed by this ToR.
  • An indicative budget that includes all expected costs, broken down to demonstrate what each cost covers.

 How to apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to send completed proposals to consultancies@aphrc.org and cc procurement@aphrc.org  by May 3rd, 2024, with the email Subject: Policy, Legal, Community and Institutional Frameworks Analysis Consultancy. Please note that the selection will be done on a rolling basis and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Consortia with the ability to handle all the areas of the assignment are highly encouraged to apply.  

Special Notice

APHRC is an equal opportunity employer committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. All employment decisions are made based on qualifications and organizational needs. Reasonable accommodation may be provided to applicants with disabilities upon request to support their participation in the recruitment process