Research and Related Capacity Strengthening


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The Research and Related Capacity Strengthening (RRCS) Division contributes to the realization of the Center’s goals by developing capacities to strengthen the research ecosystem in Africa and contribute to the development and implementation of a blueprint for Africa’s self-sufficiency in Research and development (R&D).

In line with the Center’s strategic direction (2022 – 2026), RRCS has four key objectives namely:

  • To build human capacity for research and development; 
  • To develop a clear and sustainable niche to meet emerging regional needs;
  • To produce and support skilled African researchers to become leaders; and 
  • To become a go-to entity for research and evidence on research capacity strengthening and higher education in Africa.

RRCS seeks to co-design and implement capacity-strengthening initiatives that take a systems-thinking approach, exploring the interactions between social, technical, economic, environmental, and political forces to inform decision-making and shape strategy achieved through three approaches:

  • Individual Capacity Strengthening (ICS): Achieved through training, internships, and fellowships for researchers.
  • Capacity Strengthening for Institutions (CSI): Achieved through management of university networks; systems and governance; fund management, and partnerships with university and research institutions. 
  • Ecosystems Capacity Strengthening (ECS): Achieved through setting up support structures, developing frameworks, and creating linkages.