APHRC West Africa


APHRC West Africa

African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) West Africa Regional Office (WARO) was launched in 2019 in Dakar, Senegal. This is the Center’s second physical office in Africa, which serves the ECOWAS member states and, more so, the francophone countries.

WARO is strategically positioned to elevate research in the West African region and increase its uptake within regional and national decision-making bodies. With APHRC’s intention to transform into an enabler and catalyst in Africa’s Research and Development ecosystem, the West Africa office is critical in strengthening research capacity.


Our West Africa team aligns their work and research agendas to local, regional, global, and continental development priorities, driven by the belief that Africa and African-generated evidence must be at the forefront of decisions supporting improved growth and development.

Since its inception, WARO has built strategic partnerships and meaningful engagement with partners, funders, governments, academia, researchers, policymakers, media, civil society, and communities.

WARO anchors APHRC’s existing partner projects in the region. These include:

The Countdown to 2030 Regional Initiative; 

The Gates Data System;

Improving Girls Education