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2021 Annual performance review report


This Performance Review Report 2021 is the fourth and final annual review of the 2017-2021 APHRC strategic plan. It emphasizes the key achievements in each of the four Strategic Objectives and highlights how each of the units/divisions contributed towards the attainment of these objectives. During this reporting year, there were 156 projects, 55 of which commenced in 2021. 44 projects closed in 2021 and 112 projects were ongoing into 2022. These projects were implemented across 34 African countries with most projects (144) implemented in Kenya. In terms of addressing the signature, synergy and other Issues 81 projects in the Research division tackled Signature Issues, 46 Synergy Issues and 41 tackled other issues. There were 90 prime awards and 66 sub-awards with the lifetime value of projects in 2021 for the whole Center at USD 94.1 million. There was a total of 157 research outputs with 117 being peer reviewed articles and the others distributed among book chapters, policy briefs, supplements and technical reports. The  Center developed 167 proposals with a proposal success rate of 66% and a dollar success rate of 40%. The policies and programs informed by evidence from APHRC included the East Africa Community (EAC) Sexual Reproductive Health (SHR) Bill, 2021 through CPSE project; Revised 2021-2025 National policy guidelines on immunization through the IAI project and Sanitation Policy Guideline and Policy Monitoring and Assessment Tool through the National Sanitation Policy advocacy project. The Center continued to pursue its policy engagement and communication objectives through dissemination activities and stakeholder engagements.



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