Eric Osoro Masanta

Eric Osoro Masanta

Facilities and Administration Manager

ABOUT Eric Osoro Masanta

As Facilities and Administration Manager, Eric is responsible for the maintenance and safeguarding at APHRC. He ensures adequate security measures for the property and staff are in place, timely procurement of goods and services, meeting transport needs for staff, and overseeing APHRC Phase II project.

Eric is currently a post-graduate student registered in University of Nairobi’s Master of Arts program in Project Planning & Management, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management, as well as other certifications in leadership, environmental management, health & safety.

Eric has worked as a Project Manager for Compassion International under the Trax Kenya Ltd project, overseeing the project to partial hand over stage. He’s also held various other positions such as Facilities Manager at the International Livestock Research Institute, Maintenance Manager at NCCK, and QS Facilities Management at Standard Chartered Bank – contracted under Lloyd Masika Ltd.

Eric is also an Associate Member of the Architectural Association of Kenya.

Eric has always been driven by the desire to meet deadlines. Setting and reaching deadlines gives him a sense of accomplishment. He loves creating an organized schedule for completing tasks, and achieving deadlines. For example, when he managed Compassion International Office Project, he set multiple deadlines for a variety of tasks leading up to the successful partial hand over of the building project. Achieving each deadline motivated him to keep working, and made the project run smoothly.