Elisheba Kiru

Elisheba Kiru

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

ABOUT Elisheba Kiru

Dr. Kiru’s research investigates and seeks to understand complexities in education, specifically special education, learning technologies, mathematics teaching and learning, inclusive education, and comparative, international education, to improve teaching and learning experiences. 

At APHRC, her research examines contributing factors keeping vulnerable children and girls out of school; long-term impacts of being out of school; interventions that GPE countries need to mitigate the negative impacts of being out of school; and identifying relevant solutions. Her focus also extends to understanding the evolution and realities of the competency-based curriculum in K-12 schools. 

Dr. Kiru’s scholar-practitioner work is grounded in years as a K-12 educator, coach for preservice educators, and experience as a special education consultant.

She is driven by curiosity, embracing education as a moral imperative, human-human and human-nature connectedness, and building a more inclusive world. She finds great purpose and enjoyment in volunteering engagements and learning from nature’s systems.