Margaret Kanyi Munyua

Margaret Kanyi Munyua

Program Administrative Assistant

ABOUT Margaret Kanyi Munyua

Margaret is a Program Administrative Assistant in the Individual Capacity Strengthening (ICS) Unit at APHRC. She is responsible for supporting the planning and implementation of short course training workshops by organizing meetings, ensuring effective communication, and managing general administrative tasks related to these training activities.  She provides administrative support to the Capacity Development for Applied Epidemiology in Eastern African Region (CDAE) project. 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Zetech University, which she attained in 2022. Before her current position, she worked as a Program Administrative Intern at the African Population and Health Research Center, specializing in scheduling and optimizing appointments, facilitating meetings, organizing webinars and workshops, and implementing efficient travel booking systems. Previously, she worked as a Finance Clerk Intern at Enos Auch & Associates, where she filed tax returns and implemented systems that significantly reduced expenditures for the company. Additionally, she was a Finance Attaché at the County Government of Laikipia, contributing to budgeting processes, reconciling bank statements, and ensuring the smooth operation of financial systems. 

She is motivated by the excitement of transforming ideas into tangible results.

Margaret is passionate about extending a helping hand to anyone in need and giving back to the community.