Eligibility and Admission Requirements and procedures

Eligibility for membership within INSPIRE is predicated on the implementation of an LPS. LPSs are granted membership based on the following characteristics:

Being a member of INSPIRE entails:

In order to be considered for membership within INSPIRE, the applying institute shall provide a formal application to the Executive Directorate that details:

Once the Executive Directorate approves an application, it shall be presented to the Partnership Forum for their consideration, who in turn will communicate their recommendation to the Board of Management for further deliberation and consideration for approval. The Executive Directorate shall communicate to the applicant with regard to approval or rejection of their application. The Head of the new member institution shall sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with APHRC, which is the legal entity that represents INSPIRE. The MoU shall outline the roles and responsibilities of the new member. One original signed MoU shall be archived at APHRC while a signed copy shall be archived at the member institution.

Rights and Obligations of Member Institutions

These shall be outlined in MoUs with APHRC and member institutions shall be required to meet their obligations to INSPIRE so as to benefit from INSPIRE’s initiatives. The member institutions shall also be required to commit to taking liability for losses incurred by INSPIRE as a result of actions taken by persons from their institutions.

INSPIRE Fundraising

Member institutions of INSPIRE can raise funds using the INSPIRE brand provided that they do so in collaboration with the Executive Directorate. Any terms and conditions for contracts that APHRC enters into, on behalf of INSPIRE, shall apply to all member institutions. Further, any fundraising activities for INSPIRE at APHRC shall be aligned to APHRC’s fundraising guidelines.

Termination of Membership

A member institution may be suspended and/or terminated from INSPIRE on grounds of dormancy, non-performance, misconduct and/or non-compliance with INSPIRE resolutions and guidelines. INSPIRE member institutions may also terminate their membership by formally communicating the decision to the Executive Directorate, in writing. Termination of membership, although not anticipated, shall only be considered, as a last resort, after all other avenues to retain the membership of the member institution have been explored and have failed. In the event that membership is terminated, the particular member institution shall be required to submit to INSPIRE a detailed status report of the INSPIRE activities in their institution.