Patricia Vaughan

Message from the Chair

Patricia Vaughan


What a year 2020 was! Rarely has there been a year filled with so much uncertainty and upheaval,  from the most significant global health crisis in modern history to an economic crisis, to international movements of activism.   As the whole world was  struck by an unexpected and barely-understood disease, this uncertainty was compounded by scary and worst-case scenario projections about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the continent of Africa.  

In 2020, APHRC researchers pivoted their efforts at a time when local expertise was invaluable in driving national responses, and Africans needed to make their voices heard in driving the narrative about the continent. Our teams are at the forefront of conducting research on multiple aspects of the pandemic, as well as its effects on longstanding population and public health issues likely to be exacerbated by the pandemic.

The Center will continue to play a central role in generating evidence, supporting decision-making, and building the capacity of Africans to take on research leadership roles; because, at a time like this, the Center’s mission has never been more critical.

I would like to congratulate the APHRC team of staff and senior management who have shown remarkable resilience under extraordinary circumstances. Next, I wish to thank the Board members who have supported the Center throughout a difficult year with their guidance and advice.

Lastly, to all our partners, funders and supporters, I wish to express my gratitude for your unwavering support for the Center’s vision and for that extra support you accorded us this year.

We look forward to a more certain future in 2021, a future where the lessons of 2020 will continue to shape our work and guide our mission as we strive to build back better.