Building Resilience

2020 challenged us to re-examine our operational systems and their adaptability.

As we transitioned to working remotely, we expanded our online infrastructure, automated more administrative processes and banked on innovative approaches to keep most of our programmatic areas of work going.

Under the new normal, safety was paramount for our staff and in our operations. We established new guidelines for conducting research during the pandemic, adopted hybrid methods for data collection, reprogrammed some projects, and embraced the virtual space for training and stakeholder engagement. Our approach saw the Center break new ground in reaching wider audiences with evidence, tools, and resources. It also saw our work in policy engagement and training continue almost unabated.

As the year came to a close we were delighted to see systems developed in response to a crisis become more established, opening doors to limitless possibilities for communicating, public engagement and training in the new normal. A quick shift to virtual training platforms has led to the development of an APHRC Virtual Academy that will transform the way we offer training.