In It Together

A global pandemic and working remotely precipitated feelings of anxiety and isolation from family members, friends and colleagues. In unfamiliar territory and faced with the realization that we are in this together, our spirit of togetherness shone through.

As the world grappled with the virus, collaboration both within and outside the Center became paramount. Our staff banded together to provide both mental and emotional support to each other; they ensured that COVID-19 mitigation measures were rapidly developed, deployed, and adhered to, all in an effort to safeguard one another. Our holistic approach to the wellbeing of our staff including mental, vocational, social and emotional health – led us to the second place position in the Global Center for Healthy Workplace Awards under the SME category.

Externally, we successfully worked with our partners to manage disruptions in their own institutions and ensured project delivery, while our funders extended a lot of grace and flexibility.

As the pandemic continued to evolve globally, Africa was left behind in the race to find the materials and resources needed to control the virus’ spread within its borders. The pandemic has brought to the fore long-standing inequalities in access to critical tools for testing, treating and preventing diseases within and across countries.

The Center has been a loud voice for vaccine equity and equitable access for other COVID-19 prevention supplies and will continue to make the case for global, regional and national decisions that will ensure greater solidarity in tackling issues that affect the human race.