Aging and Development

Age-based Inequities and Wellbeing

Intensifying concerns about inequities in wellbeing in SSA typically concentrate on gender, ethnicity and rural-urban residence as major axes of inequality. Yet, age may be another important fault line, with older people bearing disproportionate burdens of ill-health, disability (mainly due to non-communicable diseases), illiteracy and poverty compared to younger-aged adults – as well as systematically less access to essential care and social services. We investigate the extent, patterns and determinants of age-based disparities in wellbeing, and the wider impacts of older people’s unmet care needs on families and communities.

Featured Project

Impact of social pensions on multiple dimensions of poverty, subjective wellbeing, and solidarity across generations: the cash transfer project

Program: Aging and Development

The Cash Transfer Project commenced in January 2017. The mixed method project, conducted in two slums in Nairobi, Kenya, seeks to address gaps in knowledge about the lived experience and implications of the Kenya Older Persons Cash Transfer Programme (OPCTP) in terms of the nature of, and factors shaping: (i) its use and allocation by beneficiaries and (ii) its impacts on multiple dimensions of poverty and wellbeing, as well as intergenerational relations among OPCTP beneficiaries and their kin.

Study findings are, therefore, expected to contribute to the building of an evidence base on the role of social pensions as a vehicle for alleviating poverty across generations, genders and multiple dimensions of deprivation ¾ to inform future policies on, and approaches to, the scaling up of the OPCTP and similar programmes in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).



  • Prof. Maria Evandrou, University of Southampton (Co-principal investigator)
  • Dr. Gloria Lang’at, University of Southampton (Co-principal investigator)
  • Dr. Nele Van der Wielen, University of Southampton (Co-principal investigator)

PROJECT PERIOD: October 2017- October 2018

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