Current Project

Kenya Baby-Friendly Workplace Intervention, Evaluation, and Implementation Research

Program: Maternal and Child Wellbeing

Interventions that promote breastfeeding are critical for optimal growth, development and survival of children, the wellbeing and productivity of their mothers and families. Work environments can either support or inhibit successful breastfeeding.

Evidence on effective strategies to improve breastfeeding for women working in agriculture, the sector which employs the most women not only in Kenya, but all of Africa, is scant.

APHRC seeks to better understand the influence of workplaces and devise ways of improving workplace support for breastfeeding and child care and its impact on the wellbeing of employees, their economic productivity, and the optimal growth and development of their children. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, Kenya Private Sector Alliance, a commercial agricultural farm, and UNICEF, APHRC is assessing a model of workplace support for breastfeeding.

The Kenya Baby-Friendly Workplace Intervention, Evaluation, and Implementation Research study aims to inform the design and implementation of a potentially scalable model of workplace support for breastfeeding in an agricultural setting in Kenya, investigate the model’s potential operational feasibility and effectiveness, and determine its cost benefit analysis.


  • Start Date: March 2016
  • End Date: September 2018


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Through UNICEF)


  • UNICEF, Kenya Country Office
  • UNICEF, Headquarters
  • Government of Kenya, Ministry of Health
  • Kenya Private Sector Alliance
  • Loughborough University, UK
  • University of Warwick, UK
  • McGill University, Canada

Project Funders

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  • UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of every child. UNICEF has spent 70 years working to improve the lives of children and their families. ...

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  • Kenya Private Sector Alliance ...


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