Training Programs



Drawing on the Center’s robust track record of implementing innovative research programs, emboldened by its successful research capacity strengthening initiatives, and guided by its principles of investing in individual and institutional capacity building in Africa, APHRC had developed a self-sustaining training program that will extend and complement its research capacity strengthening programs.

The training program draws on sets of skills, competencies and experiences within the organization and its network of partners globally to offer different forms of training programs to strengthen individual and institutional capacities in sub-Saharan Africa. The training program operates as a self-sustaining initiative with potential to enable APHRC leverage additional resources to support its other core mandates while providing a much-needed service to the region.

The training workshops and seminars of APHRC focus on three thematic areas:

  • Research Leadership: Training programs under Research Leadership focus on developing and supporting research leaders in sub-Saharan Africa to become globally recognized names in their respective fields.
  • Institutional Leadership and Management: Training programs focus on supporting senior leadership at African institutions to lead and drive change within their organizations.
  • Research Communication: This training program targets senior researchers, policy makers, and media executives with the aim of bridging existing research-and-policy gap and facilitating greater translation and use of research evidence in policy formulation and program improvement in the region.


For more details about the available training workshops and to register, visit www.aphrc.org/workshops