Fellowship Programs


To be able to address Africa’s problems through effective policies and programs, Africa’s policymakers require access to a broad range of timely, accurate, and relevant scientific evidence.

As part of its contribution to strengthening institutional and professional capacity to enable African researchers to fully participate in defining and implementing priority population and health programs in the continent, APHRC has developed several research capacity strengthening initiatives including:


[su_spoiler title=”Post-Doctoral Fellowships” style=”fancy” open=”yes”]The Post-Doctoral Fellowship program targets scholars who obtained a PhD or equivalent within the last two (2) years in either social sciences or public health, and demonstrated promise of intellectual leadership in a field relevant to the Center’s mission[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Sabbatical Fellowships” style=”fancy”]This program targets senior university lecturers and scholars in other institutions with a proven track-record of conducting research.[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Visiting Scholar Program” style=”fancy”]The Visiting Scholars Program is aimed at facilitating research collaborations with partners from within and outside the program [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Internship Program” style=”fancy”]Research Internships – Advanced graduate students seeking to explore their thesis projects or gain field experience in Africa can take up these short-term practical training opportunities. The Center host interns from various disciplines and universities across the globe. Read Guidelines Our Guidelines for selecting interns [/su_spoiler]