Our Evidence

ERP studies identified that nearly 60% of pupils living in slum areas in Kenya were attending low cost private schools as opposed to the free public schools.

The Kenyan Ministry of Education now recognizes the need to consider household social economic backgrounds when formulating policies. It has thus instituted measures to support low cost private schools in urban informal settlements in Kenya.


Our Evidence

ERP studies identified that teachers in public schools in Kenya are not adequately prepared to teach math or numeracy with some of them scoring as low as 17% in a math test.

The Ministry of Education in Kenya has committed itself to consider teacher-subject knowledge in the assignment of teachers as a measure to improve learning outcomes

Our Evidence

ERP studies found that teachers in public schools performed poorly in tests on the subject areas they taught.

The Ministry of Education through the teacher’s service commission raised the entry marks to teacher’s training colleges to Grade C therefore ensuring that the training colleges were getting candidates who had performed well in their secondary school exit exam.

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