Policy Engagement



One of APHRC’s strategic objectives is to promote utilization of empirical evidence for policy formulation and program improvement through targeted and sustained sharing of research findings and engaging policy makers throughout the research process.

The Center also seeks to play a central role in defining key research issues and influencing international policies on issues relevant to sub-Saharan Africa by participating actively in international meetings and technical panels that discuss various research, development, and capacity strengthening issues relating to the continent.


  • Expand APHRC’s reach beyond Kenya into the region and continent by partnering with national, regional and global institutions and networks, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the African Union (AU)
  • Collaborate with research programs to undertake policy analysis in the Center’s research areas
  • Maintain and expand participation in important pan-African and global policy forums such as the SEAPACOH, AU, and the UN
  • Provide research support to policymakers in sub-Saharan Africa and work with them to define and implement research programs
  • Convene expert forums to help develop consensus on key issues relevant to the Center’s research areas and the region’s development; and
  • Develop and disseminate flagship products with an eye on predictable policy moments.