Aging and Development

The Life-course Perspective

As important as considering the circumstances of SSA’s current older population are efforts to invest in and optimize the future health and capacity of future cohorts of older people – i.e. today’s children, youth and younger-aged adults. We generate a fuller appreciation of the life course determinants that will shape the risk of disease and functional limitations in later life.

Current Project


Working Group on Aging and Achieving a First Demographic Dividend in Africa

Program: Aging and Development

The working group, a partnership initiative of APHRC, the African Union Department of Social Affairs and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Social Development Policy Division, brings together 17 relevant experts and role players from academia, civil society and policy, spanning the fields of development, youth, ageing, demography, economics and ageing. The Working Group has sought to develop incisive conceptual thinking supported by relevant evidence on a potential relevance of Africa’s older population to the realization of a demographic dividend in the region – and potential approaches to harnessing it.


Partner Institutions

  • The African Union Commission (AUC) Department of Social Affairs
  • The UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) Social Development Policy Division

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