Aging and Development

Intergenerational Impacts

Through their various intergenerational roles within families or communities –such as caregivers or guardians of grand- or foster children– older people in SSA directly shape the capabilities of children and youth. We research the nature, extent and development impacts of older people’s intergenerational impacts on the human, social and cultural capital of younger generations.

Current Project


Women’s and Men’s Experience of Ageing and Health in Africa

Program: Aging and Development


This project aimed to bring together and synthesize key findings of a set of small-scale qualitative investigations of older adults’ experiences of health and ageing conducted in 2014 in three urban settings or cities in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)- Bamenda (Cameroon), Conakry (Guinea), and Kampala (Uganda). The synthesis focused on findings regarding older people’s experience of older age, components of quality of life in older age, barriers or opportunities to achieving good health and well-being, and gender differences in the mentioned areas. The specific objective of the project was to develop a synthesis paper that distils key common thrusts and themes emerging across the three study sites, places these insights within the context of relevant scientific literature on ageing, and (iii) identifies broad implications for age-friendly policy, practice and research going forward.

Project period

  • 2015

Project Funders

  • WHO

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