Aging and Development

The Life-course Perspective

As important as considering the circumstances of SSA’s current older population are efforts to invest in and optimize the future health and capacity of future cohorts of older people – i.e. today’s children, youth and younger-aged adults. We generate a fuller appreciation of the life course determinants that will shape the risk of disease and functional limitations in later life.

Current Project


Toward a Pilot Evidence Revolution on Ageing in Kenya

Program: Aging and Development

This project is a direct outcome of the Global AgeWatch Index Initiative carried out in 2013. The dual purpose of the project is to directly advance Kenyan policy agendas on older persons and to serve as a model for other sub-Saharan Africa countries, with a view to catalyzing an Africa-regional ‘evidence revolution’ for post 2015 development in the continent. The project adopts the revised National Policy on Older Persons and Ageing as an organizing framework and comprises a five step initiative aimed at (i) identifying priority national evidence needs on Kenya’s older population and (ii) forging a concerted country-level effort to foster the generation of evidence to address the needs.


Project Partners

  • Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services, Division of Older Persons and Social Welfare

Project Funders

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